Leaders Share Their Servant Leader Journeys

Next meeting April 2, 2019

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Milwaukee Monthly Roundtables
1st Thurs. West
Machine Shed-Waukesha
2nd Thurs. North
Concordia U-Mequon
3rd Thurs. South
Alverno College-Mke
4th Thurs. Central
Mad Rooster Cafe-Mke
Second Friday at Noon
MSOE Grohman Tower

Fond du Lac
Fall Leadership Learning Circle
Monthly Coffee and Conversation


Green Bay Quarterly Meetings


Madison Monthly Conversations
Third Fridays UW Union South

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Servant Leadership–Lead by Serving
Lifting the Capacity of Others

Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.

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PPC Partners Summary of Process
PPC Partners Noble Experiment, Family Thinking and Disposition “The Noble Experiment”
Economic Nurturing of Children and Grandchildren/Stewardship

Servant Leaders Chairs

We established chairs for one million dollars each. The institution receiving the chair agrees to measure performance and report annually to their peer institutional reporting system. Annually we ask all chairs to come together to share with each other what they have accomplished (results of the year). Based on their results or progress we will make awards to increase their endowment to a max of $2,600,000. This level of endowment would allow top pay along with monies for administration and special events.

Selection Process

Servant Leadership Chair Annual Reports

Click on the links below to view annual reports, presentations and award criteria by year.

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Lawrence University
UW-Madison College of Engineering
Ripon College